Gary Drostle

Gary Drostle designs, produces and installs large-scale mosaics for floors and walls using marble, glass and ceramics. His award-winning work can be seen in town centres, public buildings, hospitals, parks, corporate lobbies and private residencies across the world.  In his early career he founded the Haringey Mural Workshop and took his first major commission to paint a series of murals for Alexandra Palace – ‘The History of The Peoples Palace’, whilst serving as executive of Haringey Arts Council and working closely with many different community groups. His first major mosaic commission was ‘Sunburst – the light at the end of the tunnel’, commissioned by the London Borough of Islington, and marked a turning point in his career.

With over 30 years’ experience and a former President of the British Association for Modern Mosaics, Gary is now a regular guest lecturer at the Chicago Mosaic School and has given keynote speeches, workshops and juried exhibitions in London, San Francisco, Phoenix, San Diego, Austin, Chicago and Detroit for the British and American societies for Mosaic Artists. Gary will be bringing The Solider to the Mosaic Showcase together with video footage of his work in situ.

Website:- Gary Drostle

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