Laura Symes

Originally from the Hebridean island of Lewis in the extreme north-west of Scotland, Laura studied history and art at university and travelled at every opportunity, becoming interested in crafts during her time living in South Africa. On her return to the UK through some special needs work in schools she was introduced to mosaics and as she became aware of the tactile nature and the possibilities of the medium, was inspired to endorse it as a means of encouraging creativity and expression. 

She furthered her skills, attending workshops and training with several well-known and established mosaic professionals and through volunteering at Southbank Mosaics and Art4Space was involved in public-realm projects, including the Queenhithe Timeline Heritage Mosaic and portraits of notable local women on the outside walls of Morley College in Lambeth. She is primarily interested in colour, form and texture and connecting with the viewer in some meaningful way, as can be seen in her Mexican Tryptich that will be displayed in the Mosaic Showcase.

Website:- Laura Symes

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