As a company, one of our principal functions is to assist first time authors. We offer to help set up the piece of work for publication:- editing, proof reading, formatting and all the elements required to publish as an indie author.

We offer our services on a bespoke arrangement according to individual needs, as well as being able to offer a package for first time authors including domain registration and web-hosting services at a truly competitive price.

We have many years of experience using the Adobe suite of software including photoshop, and can provide valuable professional services relating to type-setting, image design and formatting. My own background was in teaching (TEFL), as well as bi-lingual editing and proof-reading, mainly of educational and technical documents. 

Best regards, Bruce Ramsay (Editor).

Self-publishing and marketing

Our services are designed to support an author through the process of editing; content, style and proof reading and, if required, cover design and description.

The self-publishing options include domain registration, hosting, web-site design and editing.

Finally our packages, again if required, incorporate marketing, both planning and putting into effect.

All the following are dealt with according to the authors needs:-

  • Manuscript evaluation
  • Copy editing and/or storyline editing
  • ISBN registration
  • Front cover design (Ebook or paperback)
  • Complete cover design (including spine and back)
  • Design of internal pages (for paperback)
  • Book or author website or blog
  • Print and/or Ebook formatting
  • Printing and/or Ebook publishing
  • Specimen copy of book
  • Book distribution (review and assistance)

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