We now have our first two, stand alone titles, up and on-line, although please be aware they are still work in progress. They are both focused on education, specifically we are offering on-line courses for students learning English as a foreign language.

  • London Calling Me is the platform where the courses can be accessed upon registration and payment of the relevant subscription.
  • London Calling You is a complimentary site to market and promote the courses available.

We are aware of the dramatic increase in online shopping since the arrival of the pandemic, as a consequence we have registered two further stand alone titles each using a different e-commerce platform, specifically set up to promote the sale 1. of art and craft products, direct from the creators, and 2. items from individuals based on geographical location.

  • April Sky Crafts is set up on the Magento platform, and will offer, as the name suggests, products of an artistic creative nature direct from the artists, with no commissions whatsoever for ourselves, follow the link for more info.
  • Fraser’s Bazaar is for individuals to put on sale items they no longer require. As in the case above, we wish to create a site where the buyer can purchase an item for collection in their area or to be shipped by the seller to the buyers location, without commissions being applied. This site will be running on the Prestashop platform.

Word of Mouth I have set up a forum page for artists and I am working on an commerce platform, to make art available through an on-line gallery-cum-shop.

1p 4 ur thoughts I want to give freelance writers the opportunity to publish and indeed benefit economically for their contribution. How to go about this? Well, for now I have a title.

Also considered working on a political publication, the working title is:- What a state! Now is the time and time is now at a premium!

We are a start-up with a limited budget, we would very much like to invest in authors, but at present this does not allow us to finance any print runs.So with this in mind, we have set up a sister company, Sassy Investments Ltd. seek out investors with clear investment propositions. We shall prepare all the necessary information regarding investment amounts, plus a timeframe for payment of dividends. All within a legal framework and correctly administered. Read more at:- Sassy Investments

I am working on some contents for a title focused on the company location, which is the London Borough of Croydon, working title:- CroyZone we hope to have a forum platform installed soon.

2 other titles for the locality:- Sassy Swans more of them here WPsquared.