Norma Vondee

Her experience as an art teacher and artist in residence at a range of schools has no doubt been the basis for the opulent signature style dominant in Norma’s work. The recurring themes of the human figure, skyscapes, architecture, technology, water and ancient mosaic iconography are the channels through which she aims to earnestly portray aspects of modern life. 

Her deep commitment to public art is borne of her desire to provide specific people and places with objects of cultural significance, enriching lives regardless of status or income and providing a true sense of ownership.

A past president of BAMM, with an MA in Art and Architecture, Norma has lectured at cultural events at The British Museum, The Whitechapel Art Gallery and The Tower of London and been involved in creative training work with Disney in London and Paris. She runs her own course – The London Mosaic Weekend, which has extended her influence on many cultural organisations, artists and the general public. Her large pieces, Diva and The Pillars will be exhibited in the Mosaic Showcase at Hard Surfaces.

By Editor