The Pandemic

Credit: CDC/Science Photo Library

There is so much to say about the current pandemic, it seems the place to start is where it all began, apparently in the city of Wuhan in China.


The above image, taken using an electron micrograph, shows virus particles from the first person in the United States found to be infected. It appears the virus cells have been coloured/photoshopped yellow and red and the protein spikes (at least those visible around the perimeter) have been coloured green. Researchers call the virus SARS-CoV-2.

However, the media opted for coronavirus and also COVID-19, supposedly because these protein spikes on the virus cell’s surface look crown-like. I see no crown, indeed in my opinion I believe it has been incorrectly named as covid, so I prefer to refer to the virus using its origin, Wuhan, as a better label.

So the first link will take you to a page where I have placed a number of embedded links to international media reports on this particular aspect (the origin) of the virus, and I leave you to judge when and how this virus originated with the help of the aforementioned links, to access them follow the link below.

Bruce Ramsay, Editor

The origins – Wuhan

The spread – Contagion and Lockdowns

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