Jude Tucker

Jude Tucker’s education in art commenced in 1966 and she continued to study art until the mid-1970s exploring many mediums including ceramics, printmaking and large charcoal drawings. It was only after visiting the Portland Sculpture Trust in Tout Quarry on the Dorset island in 2003, in an attempt to recover from a period of ‘artists block’, that she turned to stone. This marked the start of her training in stonemasonry during which time she had the opportunity to design and carve two grotesques for St Georges Chapel, Windsor. She was offered her first exhibition in 2007 and continues to exhibit her work whilst also running stone carving courses. Her distinct signature style of flowing sculptures celebrating the beauty in the natural world, including Dovetail and Amphora, will be shown at the Natural Stone Show.

Website:- Jude Tucker

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